March 06, 2015

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Mackinaw City, Michigan
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Tourist Concern Policy

Mackinaw Chamber LogoThe Mackinaw City Chamber of Commerce (C of C) encourages tourist concerns to be settled at the individual business or property. A satisfactory resolution on site eliminates an unhappy guest to be heard elsewhere. Unresolved concerns lead to a bad community reputation and loss of return business for everyone.

Mackinaw area businesses should be known for "Up North" Hospitality and sound business practices. Thank you for making us a top tourist destination by your positive customer service. A complaint is an opportunity for you and your business to step up and create goodwill and a return customer.

The Chamber of Commerce, as a community organization, has the following procedure:

1. Listen politely to the issue, not agree or disagree.

2. State our policy - "To pass the information on to the business and retain a copy for our files."

3. Hand out or mail the Tourist Concern form.

4. Send a copy to the business involved - C of C members are asked to send a copy of their response for our files within 2 weeks.

5. File the tourist concern report and the response.

6. A Quarterly recap goes to the Village Manager and C of C Board.

7. Executive Director will request a Board representative to call the business after 2 weeks regarding any unanswered concerns.

8. Any C of C members with 3 unanswered concerns will:

a. Be removed from the C of C website.

b. Be asked to meet with the Executive Board for an explanation and given an opportunity to respond to the guest(s).

9. C of C members not answering complaints, which is in violation with the Chamber of Commerce bylaws, would be subject to:

a. Loss of membership in the Mackinaw City Chamber of Commerce which may be revoked at the following board meeting with no refund of any fees.

b. Membership in the Chamber of Commerce in future years would be by annual review of concern reports and subject to board approval.