Polar Nights at Studio 54- A Scholarship Ball

Polar Nights Scholarship Ball set for January 13th


Nick and Katie Jaggi would like to remind everyone to get their tickets for the Polar Nights Scholarship Ball on January 13th! This is Audie’s 8th year organizing this fun winter fundraiser. It is the seasonal counterpart to The Audie’s Open Golf tournament that takes place in May.

Each year Audie’s Scholarship Committee awards scholarships to Mackinaw City students (there are no requirements aside from graduating from Mackinaw City) as well as invests funds into their account with The Straits Area Community Foundation to ensure a lifetime of giving.

The Scholarship Committee consists of Audie’s staff and friends. Each year we have some new faces helping but a list for this year includes: Tonya Fegan, Keli Martin, Kim Yellen, Casey Holsinger, Jaime Holsinger, Celeste Holsinger, Lana Jaggi, Janessa Jaggi, Courtney Jaggi, Katie Jaggi, Ashleigh Mercer, Morgan Minzey, and Jennifer Cole.

Katie anticipates 80 guests this year but would be thrilled with 100. The Mackinaw City Chamber of Commerce originated the idea years ago with their hit event the “Snow Ball” bringing in an impressive guests list of nearly 300. When interest declined, they sidelined the party and Audie’s thought it would be a fun way to support the scholarship fund and plan a great night out.

Tickets may be purchased at Audie’s Restaurant, 314 N Nicolet St. Mackinaw City, MI 49701.