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Learn about Mackinaw City, Michigan from a kids point of view.

Hold up your left hand, palm out. Mackinaw City is located at the top of your tallest middle finger. If you are wearing mittens and point to the top, you will see how the expression "Tip of the Mit" came to be.

Michigan MittenPopulation
We have 850 year-round residents. Our school is K-12 grade with approximately 250 students attending. This year we have 15 students in the senior class. During the winter many of our residents travel to a warmer climate. They return in the Spring.

Tourism is our main source of income. Approximately 300 million people visit the Mackinaw Area from May thru October. Fudge (a chocolate confection) is our main commodity. Mackinaw City has over 55 motels in a 2 mile radius. The city offers 3 ferry boat companies to take you to Mackinac Island (the only way to get there except by an airplane.

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