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Changes to the Big Mac Shoreline Bike Tour in 2018

UPDATE (4/22/18):

Big Mac Shoreline Bike Tour- Big Changes in 2018!

Great news! Although cycling events are no longer permitted on the Mackinac Bridge, we are excited to add a new section of shoreline to the tour in 2018! We have approval from Mackinac Island to do an Island Ride for Day two of our event. We are excited to open registration.
The City of Mackinac Island does have a few conditions- the most noteworthy being that we close registration when we reach 150 registered participants (that is only for the Island ride- there is no limit to our day one “traditional” shoreline tour) due to space limitations and concerns on crowding. Also, our opportunity to continue the event will be based on the courtesy of our group. We will not be approved for our September ride unless we can follow road rules, respect horse traffic, and carry out our event without major incident or disrespect to the community. There is a rather unique list of etiquette for cyclists on Mackinac Island (we will include a list in your registration packet). There is also a 12 mph speed limit on Mackinac Island, which we are expected to obey.
In order to participate in the ride around Mackinac Island you must register and participate in at least the 25 mile route of the day one ride as the Island component is intended to compliment the existing ride, not be a separate stand alone event.
Registration is now open for both Spring and Fall rides, but please remember that if we do not comply with the rules and restrictions on Mackinac Island we will need to cancel that component in September. Refunds will be issued in this unlikely event.
If you do not want to register online and would like us to mail you an entry pamphlet, please request to You can also view and print the form here.

UPDATE (2/16/18):

Big Mac Shoreline Bike Tour Adds & Truly Unique Stretch of Shoreline Highway to the Route in 2018

At the same meeting of the Mackinac Bridge Authority Board of Directors on Friday, February 16, 2018 the decision was made to discontinue all pedestrian and cyclist events that traverse the five mile stretch of Interstate that connects the Upper and Lower Peninsula, citing a recommendation by the Michigan State Police that suggested these events present a high level of risk to those involved in the event. Their decision will impact several other healthy events as well as our Big Mac Bike Tour.

We are, of course, disappointed to lose that special component of our tour after 26 years. We are excited, however, to partner with Mackinac Island, Star Line Mackinac Island Ferry, and Shepler’s Mackinac Island Ferry to add one of the most scenic and famous State Highways in Michigan to our route. Our recent participant survey indicated 35.7% of our responding participants may be interested in taking day two to Mackinac Island, and so this is exactly what we are going to do!

We will NOT be cancelling the event!

The Big Mac Scenic Bike Tour is intended to showcase scenic shoreline highways in Northern Michigan. Mackinac Island is the perfect addition to the ride, as it boasts the most unique and possibly the MOST scenic shoreline highway in the State of Michigan. M-185 is the only State highway in the nation where motor vehicles are banned, and one of the few that boasts 8.2 miles of unimpeded lake vistas.

Following the perimeter of the Island, this scenic pathway offers breathtaking views of Lake Huron, dramatic limestone bluffs, ornate Victorian homes, historic landmarks, colorful wildflowers in the spring, and vibrant autumn leaves in the fall. It’s a mecca for cyclists, attracting nearly a half million riders annually, and the natural choice for a relaxing Sunday morning ride, group photo opportunity, and a sunrise ferry trip across the Straits of Mackinac. Enjoy Sunday brunch with a bicycle friend, a little shopping, and a ferry ride back to the mainland at your leisure.

We hope that our participants will continue to take part in our ride. While we anticipate a slight cost increase for the second day Island tour, we donʼt have any other big changes planned. Participants will still be experiencing the Big Mac Bike Tour they know and love. Thank you for supporting us in our effort to keep this fun annual event going strong! Stay tuned for event registration information- itʼll be coming soon.