Fall Into Mackinaw

Fall Into Mackinaw Event Committee

Mackinaw City is blessed beyond compare with people who are willing to help!

This dedicated group dedicates months to planning, visioning, arguing, and compromising- all the fun behind the scenes work of making a month long celebration of beautiful weather, fall color, fudge, and fun. This is no small task (truly, it’s about 50-70 big tasks), but when you have so much excitement and creativity in one room, you know you’re going to get something awesome.

Keep an eye out for #FallIntoMackinaw in October 2019 and watch us grow in years to come. Thank you to our 2018 committee members for your time and investment into a vibrant and fun community: Sharon Zulski, Lana Jaggi, Celeste Holsinger, Jaime Holsinger, Casian Holsinger, Rob and Judy Most, Wendy Falkner, James Falkner,Janet LaLonde, Ann Fouty, Jamie Westfall Mersch,Renee Vegh, Dom Miller, Tracey Davy, Gail Ranville, Donna Beach, Carl and Roxy Strieby, and Mitch Montgomery.

If you’d like to contribute to this effort in any way, drop us a message. The more the merrier!