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Community Mediation Services

  • Brief Overview: Community Mediation Services is a non-profit that trains volunteer mediators to help individuals resolve issues in a peaceful and affordable environment. Mediation empowers you to be a decision maker and provides you the opportunity to have a voice in the plans or agreements reached. A mediator will facilitate the discussion between the parties to ensure everyone has a voice, everyone is heard and a healthy conversation can take place providing an alternative to the court system. If you reach an agreement in mediation, it can be a legal and binding document, in the event you don’t reach an agreement in mediation all of your legal rights are still in place. You will have a better understanding of the different positions and you can proceed with other legal options. Mediation is available at low cost or no cost to everyone in the community, nobody is ever turned away due to ability to pay for services. Typically, after talking to the parties involved in the issue, mediation is held within 15 days, saving everyone time, stress and money.
  • Types of Cases- neighborhood, animal control, landlord/tenant, family- parenting time/divorce, credit card/business debt, personal or business loans/contracts, employment contracts, real estate or property issues, agricultural, behavioral health services, special education services, school truancy, eldercare or guardianship and more
  • Training- training is available for professional development and personal development in conflict coaching, diffusing situations, basic and advanced mediator training
  • Contact Us for more Information: (989)732-1576
  • Service area: Chippewa, Luce, Mackinac and Alpena, Alcona, Cheboygan, Crawford, Iosco, Kalkaska, Montmorency, Oscoda, Otsego and Presque Isle
  • Mission/Vision Statement (25 words or less): “To assist people in resolving their disputes in a confidential, affordable, and peaceful manner by providing trained mediators in a neutral setting.”
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114 East Main Street, Gaylord, Michigan 49735