Mackinac Bridge Walk OFFICIAL Double Crossers Club Tee


We want you to be a Double Crosser.

Join the First-Ever Double Crossers Club! This year the rules have changed for the Annual Labor Day Mackinac Bridge Walk- participants will now have the opportunity to walk the entire length of the Mackinac Bridge, there and back. Be a part of the inaugural group to walk the entire distance- all ten miles!

Please read additional detail on the Double Crossers Club here!

There are a lot of changes in the 2018 Labor Day Mackinac Bridge Walk! One exciting opportunity the walk in the new format brings, is the opportunity to walk the entire length of the bridge, turn around, and walk back ( a ten mile circuit). While this option is certainly not for everyone, we think it is a unique draw to the event. It’s never been done before! The Mackinaw City Chamber of Commerce will host the inaugural “Double Crosser Club,” which will be the first group ever to walk the entire 10 miles of the bridge without stopping- get a certificate from both sides to prove you made it. There is no cost to participate, but we recommend you get the official t-shirt!

T-SHIRT COST- $25.00. Call (231)436-5574 to check size availability.



Update: 8/31/2018- Double Crosser Shirts are SOLD OUT! We’ll see you at the walk! Please join us! No shirt required! If you would like a shirt O’Brien’s Shirt Shop (231) 436-5074. They may have a similar option available in store! No shirt is required to Double Cross with us though, so we hope to see you there!!

Update: 8/29/2018- Shirts will no longer be shipped. Available for pick-up only! 

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