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Public Statement From the Greater Mackinaw City Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors

Dear members and friends,

The Greater Mackinaw City Chamber of Commerce (GMCCC) has received hundreds of requests for a public statement regarding the distressing video footage being shared on the internet, news stations, and radio talk shows about an area hotel. It is only after a great deal of thought and consideration from our Board of Directors that we do so. We wish to explain to concerned members and visitors to the region that a Chamber of Commerce does not possess regulatory control over any business or their ethical standards.

GMCCC has no authority to police the actions of any members; in fact, it is illegal for any chamber of commerce to do so. We strive to be a positive and inclusive community, providing equal opportunity for success in commerce to all who seek it. The GMCCC Visitor Center staff is available to assist in connecting any individual with the proper regulatory authorities to process and respond to a complaint. We exist for the public as a community resource, never as a judge, trial, or jury.

The GMCCC is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors. They do so with compassion and the intent to positively represent members from a variety of industries with invested interest in the Village of Mackinaw City. Ultimately, it is the responsibility of the businesses the GMCCC represents to cultivate a climate of hospitality; and it is the GMCCC’s mission to amplify that message.

The GMCCC has existed as a non-profit organization here in Mackinaw City since 1955, expressing a unified message of hospitality on behalf of a diverse membership of entrepreneurs. The GMCCC cannot force compliance to any standard of hospitality. We are proud and appreciative of our members and the family-friendly atmosphere they’ve collectively worked so hard to create; there is much to celebrate in Mackinaw City and we hope to continue to serve our guests and members dutifully, with positivity, for generations to come.

The GMCCC Board of Directors